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 Players asking for cps :)

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PostSubject: Players asking for cps :)   Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:30 pm

To all regular players PMs and GMs are not allowed to give out cps or gears the game is set up so u can get free gears and cp huntin in tc is easy......U are allowed to have 3 chars so make an archer and hunt in tc easy kills and u can make like 200k cps in like 30 minutes ...... this game is about having fun and enjoying the gms and pms have loads of work with helping new members and showin them the basics if they have not ever played conquer. Please remember also that Gms And Pms are busy if they dont answer back as quickly as u would want them......
We the conquer staff wish you all a great stay and Bring your friends !!!!
If u have questions this forum is here to help you

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Players asking for cps :)
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